If you are patient and want to register with us…


You can register with us provided we have not reached our capacity. If we exceed this capacity then the quality and safety of our service is compromised. As patients move out of the area, our list size decreases and we are then able to take on new patients. Our GP Contract (which came into effect in 2004) requires us to register all comers who live in our practice area. We have struggled with this for several years but have reached the conclusion that this is a mad idea and a serious flaw in the design. So we are having to refuse to obey this requirement. We could apply to a panel to close our list but this would mean we would not be registering anybody and it has certain additional implications which I outline in the discussion on this blog. 

Can you register with us in the future if practice areas are abolished? The short answer is ‘No’. Why? This is a mad idea. We cannot look after all the local people who want to join our list. In addition, for a number of reasons looking after people at a distance will increase inefficiency, lead to poorer care, and in some cases be unsafe. See other posts for details.

For more information:    the problem with the current registration policy In a Nutshell

The problem with registering with a GP practice of your choice In a Nutshell

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