Guide to the policy to abolish GP practice boundaries

This blog has been running since the beginning of 2011. There are now over 100 posts. Most of these posts apply to the issue of abolishing GP practice boundaries. You cannot be expected to read each of these.

In May 2013 I sent the Health Select Committee a ‘submission’, detailing my concerns about this policy. The conclusion of the submission is this:

I am making what is a serious and unsettling charge. The people involved in promoting this policy (ministers from both Labour and Conservative parties, and policy makers at the Department of Health) are trying to implement a policy which by its very design will cause primary care services to malfunction and cause real harm. These people have not done an honest risk assessment. They have promoted the policy in a very biased and misleading way. The result is that they have misled Parliament, journalists, and the citizens of England. If this policy were a financial product, it would be deemed mis-selling. In some senses, it is fraudulent.

1. The most efficient way to get an understanding of this issue is, I think, to read this ‘Submission’. To download this, CLICK HEREThis document contains references and links.

2. For a quick, ‘in a nutshell’ overview, with some links, CLICK HERE.

3. For a series of articles I have written for the GP publication PulseCLICK HERE. If you want to see the text of these articles, plus some additional material, on a stand-alone blog, CLICK HERE.

4.  For my emails to Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Health, CLICK HERE.

5. If you want still more, you can read a series of 14 connected posts. CLICK HERE and scroll back to No 1.

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