If abolishing GP boundaries is such a good idea, why won’t the Department of Health answer some basic questions?

I have written on three occasions to the Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt, copied to the Health Select Committee members (and miscellaneous media outlets) about some very basic problems with the Coalition Government’s flagship policy to abolish GP practice boundaries.

On each occasion, I have had replies from the Department of Health. None of these replies have remotely addressed the warnings I have raised.

It is as though an able seaman were to send an iceberg alert to the officers, and receive in reply the rota for cleaning the toilets on Deck C. Not once, but three times…

In the third reply, the Department of Health official writes:

“I note that you have contacted the Department of Health previously on a number of occasions about this issue.  The information given to you by my colleagues is the most up-to-date and accurate available, and there is nothing further I can add to this.  The Government’s position remains as set out in previous letters.I am sorry if this is not the reply that you were hoping for, but as there is nothing further that the Department can add, we must now consider this matter to be closed. ”


First email to Jeremy Hunt

Department of Health response

Second email to Jeremy Hunt

Department of Health Response

Third email to Jeremy Hunt

Department of Health Response


NHS England have done no better; see their reply, and my second attempt to get them to answer my questions.

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