‘If you want to sell a lie, get the press to sell it for you…’

Yesterday evening, after working all day to catch up on the infinite amount of backlog, my wife and I went to see the film Argo. At one point in the film, one character begins a sentence, ‘If you want to sell a lie….’ which is then finished by another character, ‘get the press to sell it for you.’

This seems to me to sum up well the role of the Department of Health Mediacentre during ‘selling’ of the Health and Social Care Bill.

More specifically, it is at the centre of the ‘selling’ of the policy to abolish GP practice boundaries. I used to think the politicians involved and the Department of Health were just remarkably stupid. I have now come around to the view that they are not stupid, they are carrying out a deception. What they really want is to deregulate English general practice, to make it boundary-free.

Why? Ask Virgin Care, KPMG, and McKinsey.

For examples of what I mean, read my article on Andy Burnham’s visit to the King’s Fund (and the blog post providing notes to this article), and my article about the press’s striking compliance with Department of Health’s Media Centre.

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