Two members of Health Select Committee respond to my email on GP practice boundaries

I emailed members of the Parliamentary Health Select Committee earlier in the week. I have received a reply from two of the members, Sarah Wollaston (herself a GP), and Barbara Keeley. Here are their replies:

Sarah Wollaston:

Dear Dr Farrelly,

This does look like the kind of issue that the HSC could look at but we have many outstanding and potential enquiries and the whole committee vote to decide on the order in which they are examined. I’d be happy to see this added to the list as part of the wider review of GP services and the important issue I’ve already raised of understaffing. I agree this issue of boundaries is very important.

Best wishes,



Barbara Keeley:

Dear Dr Farrelly,

Thank you for this, it is very worrying.

As far as I understand it, the brief of the Health Select Committee is to hold the Department of Health to account:

The Health Committee is appointed by the House of Commons to examine the policy, administration and expenditure, of the Department of Health and its associated bodies.” (quote from Committee’s page on the website)

So the matter you raise would fall within the Committee’s remit.

Best wishes

Barbara Keeley MP

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