My email to Peer, via 38 Degrees


Dear Baroness Stedman-Scott,


I am a GP in Tower Hamlets. I have grave concerns about the Government’s Health & Social Care Bill. You will be aware of the concerns about various ingredients of this bill. I have quite a lot of experience relating to one of the Bill’s proposals: to abolish GP practice boundaries. I have resorted to writing a blog about this issue, and emailing MPs in the House of Commons. This proposal sounds like a good idea, and all 3 major parties support this policy. However, to most GPs it seems madness: this because of the nature of general practice and how it works. This proposal is simply unworkable: it will increase inefficiencies and at times be dangerous, it will cost more, and it will not deliver what it claims to be aiming for, patient choice. How intelligent people can actually champion such an idea is beyond me; but of course there is probably an underlying, unstated/hidden agenda. For a summary of the problem, with links to back my allegations, see

If the Secretary of State for Health can get it so wrong for this particular issue, I have little faith in his competence and methodology to deliver a credible solution to the many challenges facing us all in the NHS. I hope the House of Lords scrutinise this Bill with care and resist proposals which lack an evidence base and will undermine the NHS.


Yours sincerely,


George Farrelly

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