Calling on doctors to sign letter to The Times; deadline Monday morning 5 Sept

A Tweet this morning mentioned a letter to the Times for doctors to sign; I tracked it down, and reproduce it below. If you sign up, make sure you give your title, name, place of work and phone number (this is to ensure people are for real).


Would anyone be willing to sign the following letter to the Times?

Please feel free to forward to medical colleagues, including people outside Liverpool, or to circulate by any other means you can think of.

Unfortunately the timescale is again very pressing – I will need to submit the letter on Monday morning for publication on Tuesday (when the bill returns to the commons). Please ask people to reply to me at <>, and to include their job title and location.

Thanks, jon

Dear Sir,

On 20 July, the national Council of the British Medical Association (BMA) agreed to start a public campaign calling for the complete withdrawal of the Health and Social Care Bill. This was in recognition of the medical profession’s overwhelming rejection of the Bill, and a failure of the government to address adequately concerns about the further privatisation of the National Health Service. It was also agreed that the government is misleading the public by repeatedly stating that there will be no privatisation of the NHS.

As doctors working in England, we agree that this legislation will cause irreparable harm to the health service if passed in any form. The misguided focus on competition, and on service provision by Any Qualified Provider, will result in a fragmented and unequal service, with a loss of public accountability, and a damaging focus instead on services which are financially profitable.

Although the Bill has been presented both to the public and healthcare professionals as a “done deal”, it lacks an electoral mandate. It is being rushed through at great cost, despite the serious concerns of healthcare experts and professional bodies, and with scant regard for evidence or any provision for piloting.

We applaud and support the position adopted by the BMA Council, and call on the government to withdraw the Bill.

One Response to Calling on doctors to sign letter to The Times; deadline Monday morning 5 Sept

  1. Mo Stewart says:

    I am not a doctor but a retired healthcare professional, and I have been researching the relationship between the DWP, Atos Healthcare and Unum Provident Insurance over the past couple of years. The results are deeply disturbing and all the research summary, plus other detailed info is now published at: and the research report can be found by scrolling down the front page of the website.

    More detailed evidence will be published on 14th, following the debate in the House of Lords on welfare reform on 13th Sept. from 2.30pm – I suggest all who can watch the debate as this will be the end of welfare in the UK as funded by the UK government.

    Your concerns will be ignored. The DWP are simply the managers of health and welfare, now firmly in the hands of American corporate insurance giant Unum Provident Insurance, renamed to Unum Insurance since being banned from 15 American states until 2008 and identified as the 2nd WORST insurance company in the US by the American Ass of Justice.

    As we take another step closer to American style health care in the UK, planned since 1994, say a prayer for those of us who are chronically sick and disabled in the UK. Unum have a diabolical past history of failing to pay out on insurance policies when clients make a claim, and Unum Insurance are about to flood the UK market with mass advertising to promote their income protection disability insurance. You can’t stop it.

    You couldn’t make this up and I’m only sorry that I must bring this news to your attention. If Jonathan wants to email me I can attach the report that exposes the bad news, writen for members of the House of Lords at the request of several concerned members of the noble House.

    Kind regards Mo Stewart
    Disabled, female veteran (WRAF) & retired healthcare professional

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