Excellent Debunking of Government Lies by Ben Goldacre


Courtesy of a Tweet I saw this morning, I have just read a piece by Ben Goldacre on his Bad Science blog. It concerns a government leaflet Working Together for a Stronger NHS, published on the Department of Health’s website (on the home page!). (You can get all the links on the Bad Science blog, or the article published by The Guardian.)

I wish Ben would apply his skills to a debunking of The Department‘s document Your choice of GP Practice published a year ago. I plan on doing this but have limited time. 

Quite shameful stuff. I am having to add a new category to the posts on this blog: Government Bullshit.

Oh, I almost forgot: to understand why they are using all these distortions and corrupting our language, see The Plot Against the NHS, and buy the book, just published.

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