My email to MPs, surname beginning with C (includes Cameron & Clegg)

Dear MPs,

I am a GP in Tower Hamlets. Of course you know there is a lot of controversy around the Health and Social Care Bill, and that the coalition government has taken pause to re-think it. Within this Bill is a proposal to allow people in England to register with the GP of their choice, anywhere in England. Apparently all 3 major parties support this idea. It sounds like a perfectly good idea, who would not like to have this choice? The trouble is in the implementation, in the actual world.

 If you wanted to introduce a design fault into the system of primary care so as to undermine it (like a virus to infect IT systems), this would be a good one. Andrew Lansley has not thought this through (or if he has, he is not letting on; ), the Department of Health has not thought it through (though they will say they have carried out a Consultation; this Consultation was really only a PR exercise, another New Labour ‘dodgy’ dossier). See the Royal of College of General Practitioner’s response to this ‘Consultation’:

 I am a humble GP trying to do a good job and provide a good service to our patient population. Please do not plan and implement policies which make this more difficult. I would rather you fiddled your expenses than legislate these sorts of policies. For more information, see my blog

  Best wishes,


 The Tredegar Practice 35 St Stephens Road London E3 5JD!/onegpprotest

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