My email to MPs, second half of the B’s


I am a GP in Tower Hamlets. I am laboriously writing to every MP. You are the 2nd half of the B’s (there are a lot of you…). I was hoping to watch a film tonight, but am writing to you instead.

I am writing to alert you to one of the policies contained in the the Health and Social Care Bill: the proposal, backed by all three parties I am told, to encourage people to register with the GP practice of their choice, anywhere in England. This sounds like a perfectly good idea until you actually look at the practical implications. The Department of Health have not thought it through, Andy Burnham with New Labour’s ‘dodgy’ consultation did not think it through, Andrew Lansley has not thought it through.

I appeal to MPs of goodwill: look into this. Don’t take declarations of ‘Liberation’ and ‘Choice’ to lull you.

See my email with ‘Andrew Lansley’ on this issue before the General Election:

See the Royal College of General Practitioners response to Andy Burnham’s so-called consultation:

Further details are contained in my blog, link below.

I wish you all well,


The Tredegar Practice, 35 St Stephens Road, London E3 5JD!/onegpprotest

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