Email to MPs, beginning with the A’s


I have circulated this blog to everyone I can think of: local GPs in Tower Hamlets (thanks for your support), journalists, health think tanks, MPs, medical students I meet, and so on.

MPs: these were my first priority. The Health Select Committee, Health Ministers (government and opposition), and a handful of others in the first attempt (constituency MP where I live, where I work, and a few others).

Now I am emailing MPs systematically, starting with the A’s. Perhaps there is some clever way of doing a mailshot to all of them at once. I am doing it one at a time. I have a look at their photo, copy their email address, and paste it into my database as a distribution list: MPs A for tonight. I decided to type each of their names, methodically; so as to address each of them personally.

This is what I wrote:

Dear Adam, Bob, Danny, David Amess, David Anderson, Debbie, Douglas, Graham, Heidi, Ian, James, Nigel, Peter, Stuart,

I am a GP in Tower Hamlets. I am afraid my judgement at present, not without evidence, is that the political process, which includes Parliament, and the DOH, does not seem to be able to produce an intelligent management of the NHS. I am sure that most of you MPs mean well; and yet the results are lamentable, in some cases.

I have put together an argument about this which I feel does not rely on buzz words but concrete examples of problems out here (see link below).

I am circulating this to all and sundry. This is a quixotic venture. And I am including all MPs. My plan is to go through the list one letter a day, after work.

Why? Because, at the very least, you will not be able to say that nobody warned you.

 Best wishes,


The Tredegar Practice, 35 St Stephens Road, London, E3 5JD

(Rushanara Ali and Diane Abbott were included in a previous email)

Tomorrow night I will do the B’s.

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