My email to PCT


Dear A,

 You will see that K suggested I forward the attached paper to you. I have since added a few notes to the document and what you have is the amended version with additions. I attach the PCT registration document which outlines the policy.

 From my point of view this registration policy is inevitably, for some, a double bind: if you follow it you will self-destruct. (It is fine for those practices seeking to grow, for whom growth makes sense). I am told that this is government policy, that this comes from on high at the DOH. So you at the PCT are just following orders.

 Would you be able to tell me who at the DOH has responsibility for this? What department deals with this? Which minister deals with this? Is there a review body within the DOH which evaluates or reviews policy?

 I must say that I had not been aware of this notion of ‘churn’, that some people think it is a good idea to increase turnover, increase patient movement between practices. This might be useful in some contexts, but to wish to encourage it generally is perplexing to me. Does the Tower Hamlets PCT think ‘churn’ is a good thing?

 Do you have any ideas how, within the current context, a small practice like ours that aims at quality and whose patients wish it to remain the way it is, survives? (We will be discussing this issue at the next patient participation group meeting). Who at the PCT should patients address their concerns to?

 Best wishes,


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